William of Wykeham Lodge No. 1883

UGLE Universities Scheme

The William of Wykeham Lodge is very pleased to be part of the University Scheme. Only one such lodge is associated with each University, and we are able to accept men as masons before they have reached their 21st birthday, so long as they are over 18. Although our lodge is only able to accept men, women's lodges do exist, and we would be happy to put ladies who are interested in contact with them.

If you are a student (either undergraduate or postgraduate) or if you are a teacher, lecturer or are connected in some other way with Winchester University, we would be very pleased to meet you, so that we could tell you more about Freemasonry, what it does, and how you could go about becoming a mason, were you so minded.

There is a form on the Contact page to help you get in touch with us.



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