William of Wykeham Lodge No. 1883

What is Freemasonry?


  • is a Society of men who prize honour and virtue.
  • accepts for membership only those who believe in a Supreme Being (although it is not itself a religion, does no worshipping, and does not mind which organised religion, if any, its members subscribe to).
  • supports a wide variety of charities, both those looking after masons and their dependants and those with no masonic connection at all.
  • promotes good fellowship among its members through its regular dinners and various social events.
  • is open to any man over 21 years of age - or 18 in the case of students at the University of Winchester. (Although The William of Wykeham Lodge is the Winchester lodge associated with the University, it should be said that the majority of its members do in fact come from other walks of life.)

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