William of Wykeham Lodge No. 1883

What do masons do?

All masons belong to a lodge. Our lodge meets monthly between September and May, always on the second Tuesday. A typical programme for the evening will be:

The Lodge Meeting Part 1 - the Meeting itself

  • The business section: minutes of the previous meeting, correspondence, news of absent/sick members or their families, financial deliberations (which charities to support, etc)
  • The ceremonial section: New members are admitted through a series of what can best be described as one-act dramas. Members of the lodge learn their parts and rehearse beforehand, while the new member has a mentor to guide him through the ceremony. Each ceremony has, as a central theme, an obligation, and collectively embraces the duties of service to the Craft and to our fellows in the world at large. Many masons regard this thespian side of the meetings as one of masonry's great attractions, while others prefer to take a more passive role - supporting by their presence rather than learning lines. Much of the ceremonial is symbolic, and many members take pleasure in finding out about and investigating this symbolism.

The Lodge Meeting Part 2 - the After-proceedings

  • Between the meeting and dinner, there is time to meet the other members of the lodge over a drink in the bar.
  • Finally, there is a formal dinner, ending with toasts and short speeches.

Social events

  • Sometimes, the dinner is non-masonic, when members are free to invite any guests of their choosing.
  • In the autumn, there is frequently a 'Ladies' Night', taking the form of a dinner-dance at a local venue.
  • There is an annual lunch each summer for the lodge's widows.
  • There is a club (the Acorn Club) for older masons, their wives and widows from all the lodges in Winchester, which organises outings, coffee mornings, lunch parties, etc.
  • There are occasional golf tournaments, race evenings, etc.

Details of all these activities may be found under the 'Events' tab of the menu bar.

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