William of Wykeham Lodge No. 1883


WM Mike

Mike Grace, our Worshipful Master welcomes you to the web page of the William of Wykeham lodge. Perhaps you are a student or lecturer at Winchester University, or perhaps you are simply seeking information about freemasonry or how to join and become a mason yourself? Whatever your reason for visiting, we hope you will find here the information you seek.

Please feel free to contact us via the Contact us page if you would like further help.

Right: The PAGM and PGM with four recent student initiates and a visiting student from the USA

Freshers Fayre visitors . . . . .

If you found your way here via our bottle opener, then we hope that small gift has helped you to celebrate your arrival at Winchester University. If you have got here via our key fob, then you may be interested in this link, which gives the particular version of the so-called masonic cypher that we have used. Countless variations are possible: grid-cross-grid-cross (as here), grid-grid-cross-cross, etc; and then in each configuration one can vary the order in which the letters are written down. With so many variations, it is little wonder that masons don't actually communicate with this code - or any other code for that matter!

PAGM photo

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