William of Wykeham Lodge No. 1883


The Lodge was formed and consecrated on the 13th December 1880 on the petition of the Lodge of Economy No. 76 at their meeting on the 30th January 1880. In its turn, the lodge sponsored the formation of Caer Gwent Lodge in 1928 and Faith and Confidence Lodge in 1968.

William of Wykeham, whose name the lodge bears, was born in the 1320s and died in 1404. He was of humble origins (born in the hamlet of Wickham), but rose to be, at various times, Clerk of Works at Windsor Castle (also looking after Leeds, Dover and Hadleigh castles), Lord Privy Seal, Chancellor of England, and Bishop of Winchester. He was responsible for the remodelling of the nave of Winchester Cathedral. Also, he founded two educational establishments: New College at Oxford and Winchester College here in the city. His well-known motto was Manners Makyth Man.

His effigy (below) lies in his chantry, unscathed as a consequence, so it is said, of Colonel Fiennes - who had attended the college as a boy - protecting it from the ravages of his soldiers during the Cromwellian attack on the cathedral crying, with sword drawn in its defence, "You shall not harm the founder".

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